2 thoughts on “Resume

  1. Good morning,

    I’m writing-with an (possibly) odd request. I am asking for help with an introduction to the new radio station-95.7. I see you work with Capital-and you are also a consultant for hire. This may be a long shot but what the hey.
    I did send my resume and cover letter to Capital through their links/address. I’m retired from a life-time of drug treatment work (25 years), including State Policy work. Now I wish to do something different. I have a background (way back) in the music biz-including concert promotion, did a stint at a college station and my Father was in radio sales his whole life. I love the new station and wish to join in any capacity they might need.
    I’m happy to send you my resume if helpful. I have a linkedin and twitter page.
    I think you for reading.


  2. Hello,

    I am cutting and pasting what I sent to the local ACLU but wondering if you could help with media attention (Channel 5 or anyone else )
    My Native American brother, Matthew Oxendine was killed 1/9/2021 by Robeson Co Sheriff’s Dept. Shot by SWAT 40+ times with high powered weapons, at least 25 above the neck, autopsy clerk could only claim 40+ as shots multiple were grouped together. He called 9/11 claiming he harmed himself. He was unarmed per SBI final report. Weapon police cited was toy wedged between seats and couldn’t have been used. As police claim he waved gun and was shot. SBI report concludes toy secured between seats entire time. No negotiator was called nor was family who were present allowed to speak to talk him down. A military style vehicle/ tactic was used to ram car head on while SWAT swept in left & right from behind shooting up his vehicle. We have the car, and pics incl. of Matt’s body before the autopsy. Matt did not have any currant warrants for arrest and was not a threat to officers. This should have been a welfare check. 2 witnesses. Sheriff’s story has changed multiple times.
    We Native Americans have been living under the boot heel of this corrupt law enforcement agency for a long time we get no support from other Indian nations or from the government because we are not federally recognized. I am NOT seeking federal recognition but is because of this that we do not get help, attention and most important resources, such as advocates we could have turned to. And now they have murdered my brother. I want police change/reform, I want national pressure on them, in this climate I think change is finally possible. I do not want any other family to go through this and I do NOT want Matthew’s death to be in vain.

    We have reached out to Ben Crump’s office several times the first week (1/14/2021) as well as local NAACP. Told by both they need final SBI report as if to “vet” the case yet action and vetting must have taken place swiftly in the other high profile cases since Matt’s death as it received their help immediately after it happened. We have no choice as we helplessly wait while the state is dragging their feet providing report to the family. I emailed Reverend William Barber, same for BLM, no responses at all. I spoke to someone in charge of the local chapter of the NACCP on 4/26/2021 who wished his name not be used right now as he does not want to alert Sheriff’s office right now. He claimed he was going to speak to others in the organization and influential people to push for the NACCP to get involved even that Matt is Native American and not Black. It sounds encouraging but he also told my brother Greg the same thing at start of this and we have not heard ANYTHING from ANYONE.


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