#QOTD: “People rise to the conversations you grow around them.”

Credit Simon Mainwaring for that little piece of brilliance. He was speaking at the PromaxBDA Station Summit in Las Vegas about engaging our broadcasting audiences using social media by investing in their interests, celebrating them and what they care about.

Share something inspiring on your station facebook page and watch how the conversation immediately shifts:

Inspiring = Engagement

Inspiring = Engagement

When we honor, uplift, stand up for, and wrap our arms around the people who count on us, they will reach back. You just have to retrain them by what Simon says is “ringing the same bell over and over again.”

Now, apply this concept, of inviting people to rise to the conversations you want, to your life. Ever notice if you’re complaining all the time, everyone around you is complaining? You’re like a magnet for misery! The same is true about people who are happy. You just feel better around them.

You want your viewers to love you? Give them something to love. You want the conversations around you to be more inspiring? Start one. You want to work in a culture of creative expression? Wear funky shoes.

Release Your Creative Flare in Everything You Do

PROMAX Gold Winner: Art Direction and Design / Image Promo News

Morning traffic with a whole new perspective. 3-D maps + GoPro + a terrific lead designer and animator + a traffic reporter with the personality to pull it off.

This new system was the first 3-D traffic system on the air in our market so we wanted to find a unique way to showcase that perspective. This spot was written and produced before we had the traffic system totally built and ready for air, so we were working with only a few maps.

WRAL Lead Designer & Animation Specialist made the magic happen! Congrats to him for winning Promax Gold!

Art Direction/Editing: Shan Zhong
Videography: Steve Elizondo
Writer: Shelly Leslie