I’m Cheap.

Ok, ok. There, I said it.

I wore my first pair of bike shoes for 9 YEARS.

I buy one pair of black and one pair of brown dress shoes at a time and wear them pretty much every day until my feet turn on me.

Getting a designer label at a consignment store for cheap is my kind of shopping thrill. (I hate shopping.)

Always celebrate a deal, friends.

Always celebrate a deal, friends.

Is being cheap a bad thing? My mama taught me to live on $25 a week and I could do it now if I had to. Wait, gas is $3.40 a gallon, I take that back. Suffice to say, I definitely got my money habits from Mom.

Don’t spend what you don’t have. If you want something, save for it. Credit cards are evil. Buy something and use it completely, 100%, all the way up!”

See above: bike shoes.

Truth is, I’ve spent what most people would consider an insane amount on my bicycle fleet and gear. Good grief, my sport requires $200 shorts (which I try to find on sale, of course!) So, I’m really not cheap about everything.

Guru road race bike "Dalai" Niner mountain race bike "Jethro"

Guru road race bike “Dalai”

Niner Jet9 mountain race bike "Jethro"

Niner Jet9 mountain race bike “Jethro”

A great conversation starter the other day with my friend, Steve, spawned this confession. He asked a group of friends: What are you cheap about? What won’t you spend money on? Then he asked: What do you splurge on? Money is no object if you want _______?