We did a 3-day juice fast and here’s what happened.

IMG_1633So first, everyone should do this so you know what it feels like to have hunger. And then imagine living that way all the time. Trust me, you will look at hunger differently.


I wanted to see if a 3-day fast could reduce inflammation in my body and jumpstart healing on a hand injury from 5 months ago. Cindy felt swollen and wanted to reset her digestive system. We both had about five (newlywed :-)) pounds hanging around.


We used Raleigh Raw’s 3-day Juicing Cleanse.  Six juices a day. No solid food. Sit down. It’s pricey, way more than we would spend for both of us for 3 days worth of food.

From the Raleigh Raw site: Introduce Juice. An excellent introduction to juicing and just enough time to begin to feel the benefits of detoxification.
+ Includes 3 Green juices, 2 Root juices, and 1 Nut Milk juice per day

I will tell you right now that nut milk juice is the nectar of the Gods. It’s DESSERT, I tell ya, especially after drinking greens, carrots and beets all day. By day two, I was living for The Cash Bah.

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This is the last juice each day.



A day’s worth of juice. Packed with nutrients, vegetables and anti-inflammatory wonderfulness. A few of them are an acquired taste!

Weigh before you start – naked and in the morning. You will be drinking every two hours so set your timer. Back time yourself so you can have your last drink before 8pm. Plan to stay busy and to potty — a lot. After day one, I’m thinking this has to be working. There isn’t much going in and there’s a lot moving out. (Don’t think of this like a colonoscopy cleanse! It’s not.)



Day 1: This is going to be a mental challenge as well as physical. But we’re in this thing and crushing it! A little hungry but the two hours went by quickly at work and the Cash Bah at the end of the evening was DIVINE. Pretty sure I heard angels singing after the first few swallows! We both slept well, which is a change.

Learnings: Stay busy. Drink water or hot water with lemon between juices.

Day 2: We both weigh in and are very surprised by our day one results! We have our morning juices, and go to a flow yoga class. Cindy’s feeling sluggish and headachy (and a little hangry if I’m honest.) I had more mental challenges than physical. I was very present to being HUNGRY. It was Saturday and we weren’t nearly busy enough to distract us from wanting to eat. A great way to realize how much mindless eating happens. So we went and got a pedicure. Let’s go all in on this self-care weekend.

Learnings: We realized early on that we made a strategic error by scheduling our first fast over the weekend. What were we thinking? Day one was much easier because we were busy at work! Saturday and Sunday were V E R Y long. I considered re-roofing the house so I wouldn’t think about breakfast, lunch and dinner. Someone told us to chew while we drank to trigger that eating sensation in our body/mind. Not sure if it worked but we are now employing all the tricks we can.

Day 3:

OMG. I honestly can’t believe we made it to day 3 without eating. I felt pretty good most of the day. We were busier today so the mental challenge was less. Cindy’s less headachy but still feels a little lethargic. We surmise her caffeine habit is the culprit! This is doable and we’re almost there.

Learnings: Drink each 17oz. juice slowly to make it last. Savor and think about the freshness you’re putting in your body. Notice how your joints feel and whether you notice a difference in being bloated or gassy.


You’ll remember my main intention in doing a juicing fast was to reduce inflammation. The before and during photos here tell the story I was looking for!

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Couldn’t fully close hand after weekly occupational therapy for 5 months.

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Day 2 of the Juice: Middle finger touching palm for the first time!

I really do believe my assertion that inflammation was a key barrier to healing was proven. While my hand isn’t “fixed,” I can’t wait to show my doctor and physical therapist this week.


Did we lose weight? YES. Cindy lost 4.6 pounds and I lost 3.2…in 3 days. The question is, will we put it right back on when we go back to our regular eating?

That’s for the next blogpost.



The thrill of making it to juice #18!

We would do it again, and we might just make it part of our health routine every three months or so.