Does it work? The Bemer Mat

Don’t you hate spending your hard earned money on products that don’t work or don’t do what they promise? I’m with you. This is the product testing page. Some of my own choosing, some that people have asked me to test. I will never guarantee a positive review in exchange for free stuff. That’s just not how I roll. You’ll get the good, the bad, the ugly. Maybe I can save you some money or turn you on to a product that can help make you be the superhero you want to be.What is a BEMER? It’s not a BMW. It’s a German made wellness product that promises to “effectively stimulate restricted or defective microcirculation, supporting one of the most important regulation mechanisms in the human body for prevention, healing, recovery and regenerative processes.”

Looks a lot like a camp sleeping pad. About six feet long and a half inch thick. Hooked to an electronic box.

The Set Up I’ll admit the packaging was a tad intimidating with all these parts but the set up was fairly simple. Took about 20 minutes, mainly because I double and triple checked to make sure I wasn’t going to break this super expensive thing!

Looks more complicated than it is

The 'Brains' of the Bemer

The ‘Brains’ of the BEMER

Why am I using the BEMER?

A friend introduced me to Dr. Lari Young, who was looking for “a middle aged athlete, optimally with a high stress job. Someone who lives life full out, burns both ends of the candle, open to alternative medicine, believes and practices mind-body-spirit health.” Yep. That’d be me. I’m 46 with a 60 hour a week job. I train 80-100 miles a week on my bikes and race mountain bikes on the weekends. I’m healthier than most 40-plusers I know. I do have a cranky knee, a history of inflammatory bowel issues, and mild lower back pain. I’m interested in whether the BEMER can counteract the effects of high stress on my body, enhance my athletic performance and aid in muscle recovery. So, I’m a BEMER-tester.  I agreed to use the device for several months in exchange for my feedback: positive, negative or neutral.

Week 1

You have to acclimate your body to the BEMER. The first few nights will be just eight minutes for a treatment. It feels almost imperceptibly tingly on the lowest setting. After the first night, I slept a full 9 hours and popped awake, rested and alert. I normally sleep 6-7 and awaken groggy and tired. Is that a “result” from the Bemer? Well, that day I rode for 3 hours and had a pretty exhausting week, so maybe I was just tired and slept well! I’ll keep you posted.


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