5 Favorite Promos at Promax Station Summit

Let’s face it, we all want to see the great content our counterparts are producing all over the country. These are the five best spots I saw at the 2014 PromaxBDA Station Summit. Opinions are like…well, you know…so these are mine.

#5 “Crosstown Cup” WGN – It’s a sports rivalry. Show me some screaming fans and high energy music with a best plays montage! NO. This. This was so much better! “Divided we stand. United we watch.” Love it.

#4 Family Guy Moves – WCCT (Wish I could find a youtube link, anybody?) $1.89 and half day shooting/editing proving a simple, creative concept still wins.

#3 “Out of the Box” KDFW — A Toys for Tots spot unlike any I’ve ever seen. Beautiful art direction.

#2 “KING in Everything” – KING5 Seatttle – Words…words are everything! Simple, fabulous concept, well executed. Sticky and memorable.

And the best spot I saw this year is…a PSA.

A brilliantly executed, stop frame concept mixing live action into freeze frame video. The sound design is impeccable. It’s perfectly cast. The copy never sounds like copy. And the ending…Chilling. I was still thinking about it days after I saw it. No, it wasn’t produced by a local station — it might not even be “new,” but damn, it’s impactful. Bravo.

Keep in mind, I didn’t see every spot submitted so I’m choosing from the ones I saw. Thank you Promax for putting many of the spots up on your youtube channel! Overall, a great year of great work from the local stations. Makes me proud to be in this business. Let’s keep the creativity flowing!

What were your top 5? Oh and do you think Promax should let agencies compete in the Station Summit awards? I’d love to know your thoughts on that one.

2 thoughts on “5 Favorite Promos at Promax Station Summit

  1. We were talking about agencies at our table. I think they should not be allowed to compete against local stations. Most local stations have no budget. It just doesn’t seem fair to me.


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