Super Bowl Ads: LIKE, LOVE, FAIL part 1

There will be plenty written from the analysts about which Super Bowl ads were the big winners. Here are my rules: I get one impression, no rewinding, gut reaction, then I score it. (**Note: I went back later and added the videos)

Let’s play:


Ford “Double”

I like the marketing tactic of buying a :30, followed by a :60. More screen time breaks up the clutter. One clear message “Ford Fusion has double the gas mileage.” It does the marketing job by repeating the message over and over, but no one will be talking about it tomorrow. Oh and the whole Rob Riggle / James Franco thing — distraction to the message. Why do that? You got James Franco. Just let him be JAMES FRANCO. It could have worked but wasn’t a homerun.

Maserati “Strike”

Great copy. That little girl is brilliant. Powerful imagery. Wait…Maserati? What? Let’s appeal to the underdogs to sell a super luxury car. Groan. What were they thinking!? Either people will talk about (and be offended by) the disconnect or they won’t remember the product. Negative either way. FAIL.
Doritos “Time Machine”

Great characters. Great storytelling. “Jimmy?? You’re so old!” Super simple spot that didn’t cost a zillion dollars to make. Doritos has been riding this storytelling technique to the bank. Did you see the Golden Retriver digging in the bag?  LOVE
Chevy & The Bull “Romance”

It had everything going for it…great copy, a character (the Bull!) you love, memorable music..then UGH..the horrible tag line! “Strong for all the roads ahead” — ruined the whole spot! FAIL. I hate tag lines.
Beats “ellen”

Who doesn’t love Ellen? I would watch it over and over again just to watch her dance. Enough said. I’m not quite sure what a Beats music plan is, however, I’m probably not the demo target. LIKE.
(why can’t I find this video posted by Hyundai on youtube?)
Dads save their kids! It had everything. Visual scenarios every parent can relate to. Rule of threes (twice!), sticky music, emotional connection, ONE LINE of copy! Less is more. LOVE.
squarespace “A better web is coming”

Personifying the internet!  Love the concept. They captured it brilliantly. Makes me want to see it again and again to see all the characters they’ve created: SHARE ME! LIKE ME! CLICK HERE! REFINANCE! I hope they follow it up with what this “new internet” is. LOVE
Radioshack – New stores

“The 80s called they want their store back!” Message: our stores suck. we’re making new ones. I’ll remember that (and that MaryLou Retton lookalike), but it won’t make me shop there. Just because you’ll look like Apple, doesn’t make you Apple. LIKE.
Chevy – Cancer Day

Storytelling is everything. You start thinking she’s so sad. He looks worried. Then the sun peeks over the horizon and hope takes over.  So much emotion without any words. LOVE IT. However, the web address on the end of the spot has no connection to it. What does purple roads mean? I suspect there’s some sort of social campaign there, but they totally missed driving that point home. Too bad, could’ve been a homerun.
T-Mobile “Tim Tebow”

“Contracts are limiting. We’ll buy you out of yours.” Good concept. Simple message. Perfect spokesman for it. LIKE.
Volkswagon “Angel Wings”

LOVE IT!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT. Memorable, totally realistically delivered visual. One message. VWs are 100,000 mile cars, with the occasional 200,000 milers that make German engineers shoot rainbows out of their butts. Boom. My fav of the night so far. LOVE.

I was so distracted by David Beckham’s, well – everything, that I don’t even know how I feel about this ad. Does H&M sell only men’s underwear? Is the target audience for this young girls? I know plenty of women my age who lust after him who would NEVER shop at H&M. “Sex sells”’s so 90s.  Moving on.
Coca Cola “America is Beautiful”

Celebrate the diversity of America. Period. LOVE. I predict this one will generate some controversy.
Notice how the :60s just stand out from the clutter. 
Monsanto  (interesting..I cannot find this commercial anywhere on youtube. hmm)
If I didn’t know how this company was raping the American food supply, I might be moved by their “Moms rule the world” message. I think I’m going to throw up. FAIL.
Jeep “Restless”

Jeep letting you scratch your itch for adventure. For all the people who have an unending restlessness to go, run, move, play, explore. This is an emotional branding pitch well done. LIKE

My big winner from the first half (other than the Seahawks): Volkswagon.
Who’d you LIKE, LOVE, FAIL?
Stay tuned for the second half… 

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