Change is not your friend.

Am I right? Wouldn’t we all just rather keep going, bopping along, with everything in its place, just like it’s always been?

ImageCould you walk through your house in the middle of the night with no lights on and not end up doing a header over the couch? Yes? Clearly your mother didn’t move the furniture around like mine did! Thank you, Mom, for teaching me to embrace change.

Of course, I had no idea that’s what I was learning when I listened to my Dad do a faceplant over the recliner chair in the middle of the night as he rushed out of the house half asleep to answer a fire call. The blankety-blank chair wasn’t there yesterday!

The structure of your life changes. People change. The world changes. Roll with it, baby. Your job is going to change. People come and go from your team, inherently changing it’s chemistry and it’s abilities. Your boss is going to change. Your whole business is going to change. (Did you even know what social media was 5 years ago?)

Better make change your friend, friends. If you need practice, call your Mom and ask her to come and rearrange your house while you’re at work. You’ll either change it back or learn to live with it newly. Either way, all the dust and dog hair and crud that’s been living under the couch for 15 years will get cleaned up, and there’s inherent value in that.

Nielsen’s List of Most Memorable Ads of 2013

Nielsen’s List of Most Memorable Ads of 2013

I call total BULL on this list. How in the world can Geico’s “Hump Dayyyyy” ad not be on this list?

Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike. What day is it?

Ridiculously funny. That’s the most parroted ad since the Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?” ads of 1984.

What’s your most memorable ad of the year?

I’m Cheap.

Ok, ok. There, I said it.

I wore my first pair of bike shoes for 9 YEARS.

I buy one pair of black and one pair of brown dress shoes at a time and wear them pretty much every day until my feet turn on me.

Getting a designer label at a consignment store for cheap is my kind of shopping thrill. (I hate shopping.)

Always celebrate a deal, friends.

Always celebrate a deal, friends.

Is being cheap a bad thing? My mama taught me to live on $25 a week and I could do it now if I had to. Wait, gas is $3.40 a gallon, I take that back. Suffice to say, I definitely got my money habits from Mom.

Don’t spend what you don’t have. If you want something, save for it. Credit cards are evil. Buy something and use it completely, 100%, all the way up!”

See above: bike shoes.

Truth is, I’ve spent what most people would consider an insane amount on my bicycle fleet and gear. Good grief, my sport requires $200 shorts (which I try to find on sale, of course!) So, I’m really not cheap about everything.

Guru road race bike "Dalai" Niner mountain race bike "Jethro"

Guru road race bike “Dalai”

Niner Jet9 mountain race bike "Jethro"

Niner Jet9 mountain race bike “Jethro”

A great conversation starter the other day with my friend, Steve, spawned this confession. He asked a group of friends: What are you cheap about? What won’t you spend money on? Then he asked: What do you splurge on? Money is no object if you want _______?