What do gratitude and bike racing have in common?

Practicing gratitude is like riding a bike. The more you do it, the more second nature it becomes. Bits and pieces of goodness come to you each time you think about something positive. A little more balance and skill come to you each time you conquer that root or rock on the bike. Racing is one part exhilarating, one part terrifying..and I’ve never felt so alive! That’s life, right? A balance of things that excite you and things that scare you. And..I’m ever so grateful when the race is over and I feel so fully alive for having had the experience. (It’s a total bonus if no crashing was involved.) When we focus on gratitude we train ourselves to expect good things. Today, I’m grateful to have discovered my grown up sport. For time with friends out in nature. For all the things cycling teaches me about life, my body, my ability, my limits, my fears and what’s possible if you just believe you can do it and focus on gratitude for what it’s teaching you in the process. What about you? What are you grateful for today?